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Medi-Drugs: Your Go-to Provider of Pharmaceutical Services in Edmonton

At Medi-Drugs Pharmacy, we are committed to serving our patients with prompt and friendly pharmaceutical services in Edmonton. We understand that your medical health is unique. Our staff can tailor any of our services to best fit your needs. We offer everything from injections administered by certified pharmacists to hormone replacement therapy for those dealing with hormonal imbalances caused by disease, cancer, or other medical conditions. Trust our staff to provide you with the one-on-one attention you deserve. We can assist with important daily medical care, such as assisting you in your comprehensive pharmacy care plans or helping you in your journey to quit smoking.

No matter the medical issue that requires the attention of a pharmacist, the team at Medi-Drugs Pharmacy is here to help. We offer blister packs that help you keep track of your medication and customized medication compounding, as well as crutch rentals, as part of our services.



As we age, our immune system weakens and may increase the risk of us developing shingles. Shingles is a virus which is also called varicella zoster virus. Shingles enters the body if the person is affected by chickenpox. This virus is hidden in the immune system even after the person is cured from chickenpox. Once the immune system starts to weaken the virus reactivates. The pain from shingles can be severe enough to interfere with our normal day-to-day activities such as walking and sleeping as well as participating in social activities. Other complications such as long-lasting nerve pain which is also called PHN arises, burning, numbness, tingling, fever, vision problem, headache, hearing loss and touch sensitivity are some of the other symptoms of the shingles virus. It is estimated that nearly 1 in 3 people will experience shingles in their lifetime - this risk increases after the age of 50. The ZOSTAVAX® vaccine can help prevent shingles in older individuals.

Medication Reviews

According to Alberta Health Services, a Comprehensive Annual Care Plan is a single document that outlines a patient’s health goals. This document is prepared in collaboration with a pharmacist. At Edmonton’s Medi-Drugs Pharmacy, we assist our clients with the Pharmacy Care Plans by offering our knowledge, attentiveness and care to your specific needs. It may include information regarding the patient’s:

  • Current medications and health condition

  • Previous medical and medication use

  • Other healthcare professional care and/or

  • Future health and treatment options

By working with you and your physician, as well as other members of your healthcare team, we will develop goals to help optimize your health. We are dedicated to educating our customers on how to stay healthier and use their medication more effectively. For more information or to schedule a medication review, give us a call today.

Work/Personal Drug Testing

Did you know that in Alberta alone, lost work hours costs business and industry nearly three billion dollars a year? In some places, nearly 40-percent of all industrial injuries and fatalities are linked to substance abuse and each year, hundreds of Canadians die from accidental prescription drug overdoses.


The team at Medi-Drugs Pharmacy in Edmonton now includes certified staff for rapid urine and oral fluid testing. We offer personal testing and employer non-DOT workplace testing for Edmonton and the surrounding areas including:

  • Pre-employment

  • Post-accident

  • Reasonable suspicion

  • Return-to-duty or follow-up

Smoking Cessation

For those wishing to quit smoking, methods can vary from person to person. With Medi-Drugs’ help, we can create a cessation program tailored to your individual circumstances. Whether you wish to try cold turkey or with the aid of an over-the-counter product, Medi-Drugs Pharmacy in Edmonton help you quit smoking by providing you with the medical knowledge that can be the difference between quitting for a little while and quitting for life. For those using over-the-counter methods, our pharmacists can help you understand as much as possible including:

  • What to expect from the medication

  • What side effects may occur

  • How long to use

For more information, call our pharmacy today.


Compounding pharmacists are trained to help meet the unique needs of individual patients through formulating personalized medications. At Medi-Drugs Pharmacy in Edmonton, we are proud to provide custom medication and to customize treatment plans for our customers, helping to make their medications more effective in treating their unique needs. The following compounding resources are available at our pharmacy:

  • Capsules

  • Medication shortage solutions

  • Creams/ointments

  • Flavouring

  • Veterinarian medicine

  • Liquids

  • Hormone replacement therapy

For more information, give us a call today.

Compliance/Blister Packaging

Making sure that you take your medication regularly is important to ensuring its effectiveness and reducing the risk of you needing further treatment. To make it easier to remember which medications to take and when, as well as to make sure you don't miss a dose, the team at Medi-Drugs Pharmacy in Edmonton can package your medication into convenient blister packs. This will also reduce the risk of double doses, ensuring that you receive the right medication at the right time.


We prepare a new blister pack each week, so all you have to do is come pick it up. Give us a call or stop by to speak to a pharmacist for more information.

Injection Services

Always be sure to get your vaccines! Edmonton’s Medi-Drugs Pharmacy our team provides professionally administered medical injection services at two different locations. Our injection services include:

  • Annual influenza vaccinations

  • Travel immunizations

  • Other intramuscular/subcutaneous injections

For more information on our medical injection services, call or visit one of our pharmacy locations today.

Crutch Rentals

If you have sustained a leg injury of some kind and now require the use of crutches to get around, Medi-Drugs Pharmacy in Edmonton has a convenient, affordable solution for you. Rather than pay for expensive crutches at the hospital, we'll rent you a set to use while you recover - just bring them back when you're done.


For more information on our crutch rental services, call or visit us today.

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